The Project

Future of Gas is an engagement programme to develop insights on the future role of gas from a transmission system perspective. It will pull together the wealth of information that already exists on this topic, including analysis by the GB gas distribution networks; our latest Future Energy Scenarios (FES 2016) and additional scenarios and reports produced by the energy industry and academics.

Combining this with our system operator expertise and input from our customers and stakeholders, we believe we are well-placed to facilitate this debate and to provide an overall view of how gas can be a partner to electricity in a low-carbon future.

Through this Future of Gas programme, we will set out options for the role that gas can play out to 2050, supporting the achievement of the UK’s 2050 carbon reduction target. We want to understand future market requirements and what they could mean for our transmission system. We will engage with stakeholders to understand what customers and end consumers’ value. This will allow us to identify optimal levels of future investment in the system and innovative ways to adapt our commercial arrangements.

As our insights develop we will set out recommendations for no regrets actions that government, industry and National Grid may take, over the coming years, to ensure that the needs of GB consumers are met. Our aim is to identify options that ensure the optimum mix of security, affordability and sustainability.

During 2017 we will publish further insights and recommendations as a result of this engagement. It is essential that we get your input, views and feedback to ensure we make optimal decisions around the future of the transmission system, how we operate it and how the market framework needs to evolve.

Read the future of gas document – download pdf