First Steering Group Meeting

The first Future of Gas Forum Steering Group was held on 11th September, and attended by range of key industry stakeholder representatives to help prepare for the future of the gas markets, by putting consumer value at the heart of the energy transition.

One of the commitments made from Future of Gas programme was to work with stakeholders to develop a long-term gas market change plan (GMaP) to proactively prepare for and co-ordinate market change over the 2 to 10-year time horizon. To develop the Gas Markets Plan we are collaborating with a broad range of stakeholders, including through our Future of Gas Forum. The Steering Group of industry stakeholder representatives play an important role in providing leadership and direction to plan for the future, including advising on the GMaP and engagement with the broader industry. Industry will act on the plan through short projects and work packages to address the topics that will be identified in the GMaP.  We launched a call for members of the steering group at our first Future of Gas Forum in May 2019.

The focus of this first meeting of the Steering Group was the publication of the first Gas Markets Plan and associated work packages. Discussions covered the initial approach and concept, the prioritisation of work packages for 2020 and agreement on key milestones for the programme.

The session was both engaging and informative, and provided useful insights to help progress towards the publication of the first Gas Markets Plan.

The following documents are now available

The Gas Markets Plan publication and first years’ work packages will be made available early winter. The Steering Group will then meet again early 2020 to discuss the Gas Markets Plan publication and any feedback along looking ahead to the 2020 work packages. We will also host a second Future of Gas Forum in early 2020, so that broader stakeholders can hear more about the first GMaP and provide input.

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