Developing a Gas Markets Plan together

Stakeholder workshop: 20 March 2019

In The Future of Gas: how gas can support a low carbon future, we said we would work with stakeholders to develop a Gas Markets Plan (GMaP).

On 20 March 2019 we held a workshop with 20 stakeholders representing a wide range of perspectives to share what we have heard so far and work with them to:

  • start to develop the GMaP
  • test the potential signposts for change, what types of market change may need to be considered in the next decade, and potential interdependencies between market change initiatives
  • discuss the approach to on-going engagement to develop the GMaP.

These slides tell you what we covered and heard from stakeholders at the workshop.

We are considering the outputs of the breakout sessions in designing our approach to developing the GMaP and will be sharing those next steps with you shortly.

Thank you to participants for their high level of engagement.