Hydrogen, alongside other technologies, is expected to play a significant role in the decarbonisation of heating (and other sectors). However, it is unclear how and where it will be produced and consumed, how it will be transported and when a hydrogen transition could begin.

For example, will hydrogen be produced from electrolysis and/or methane reforming? Will a hydrogen economy begin by being transported centrally through a transmission system or in a more region-by-region model?

This uncertainty creates the need to initially understand the broad market impacts of hydrogen in different production, consumption and transportation scenarios.

Over the coming months, we will be exploring the market change activities potentially needed to facilitate a hydrogen future. Outputs will be published on this page.

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One response to “Hydrogen”

  1. How is the NTS going to transport Hydrogen when it was designed to transport Natural Gas?

    Hydrogen is a completely different gas with different effects on the metallurgy of the pipes used. What is your view on Hydrogen diffusion within high strength steels like those used to construct the NTS?

    Hydrogen has 1/3rd of the heat output when compared to Natural gas, would we potentially have a capacity problem?