Developing a Gas Markets Plan Together

What is GMaP?

Gas will be key as we transition to a net zero, sustainable energy system. However, we need to manage the challenge of high levels of uncertainty about the future direction and pace of change.

To continue to deliver safe, reliable gas supplies at the best value for consumers, a process is needed to proactively and strategically  consider how market frameworks need to change across all potential futures.

To achieve this, National Grid Gas Transmission, in collaboration with industry, policy-makers and stakeholders have launched the Gas Markets Plan (GMaP).

The GMaP brings together a broad range of stakeholders to prepare today for the gas market frameworks of the future.

Publications & Events

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Gas Quality Project Scope
Gas Quality Knowledge Share
Gas Markets Plan 2020

2020 Focus Areas

What we will be exploring for potential market change

Gas Quality

The Gas Quality focus area will consider how market rules may need to evolve to accommodate more diverse, low carbon gases into the GB gas system.


The Hydrogen focus area will consider market change activities needed to integrate hydrogen into the energy mix with minimal impact on gas market participants.


The Balancing focus area will explore how the rules that incentivise balancing supply and demand may need to evolve as the gas landscape continues to change.

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Here you will find the previous material from the Future of Gas program which has now concluded

Other National Grid Initiatives

Gas Ten Year Statement (GTYS)

The GTYS is published annually to provide you, our customers and stakeholders, with a better understanding of how we intend to operate and plan for the gas National Transmission System (NTS) over the next ten years.

Gas Future Operability Planning (GFOP)

The Gas Future Operability Planning programme describes how the ever-evolving gas landscape may impact gas network operability, with the aim of setting the direction for solutions that benefit all market participants.