Stakeholder Workshop: Heat

Our workshops will provide an opportunity for you to shape our future activities

Event date: at 10:00

As previously communicated, we want to use the outputs from the Future of Gas Customer Seminar in November to build upon our engagement with you and other interested parties going forward. As a result we have developed and scheduled a series of workshops that we want to share with you, to give you an opportunity to participate in order to help shape our future activities.

We will be holding a workshop on the topic of Heat on Monday 6th March in London.

The workshop will be a one-day event, during which we are seeking to gain an understanding of what you believe the future could hold, and what the greatest barriers, risks and challenges are for your business associated with each of the respective topics. Additionally we will be looking to gain further insight from participants into how the gas and other energy markets may need to adapt in the future, and on how the gas transmission system can help to meet these future energy needs.

More detail on the specific questions we will be addressing at the workgroups can be found here.

We do have restrictions on the number of attendees for each workgroup, so please click here to register your interest and we will be in touch soon regarding further details.