Enabling the Gas Markets Plan

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We have published the Gas Markets Plan 2019/20!

We will be holding our next FOG forum in February

“Enabling the Gas Markets Plan” (GMaP) aims to promote discussion with industry and stakeholders on how gas market frameworks may need to evolve and adapt over the next decade, to support the energy transition and to continue to deliver value for consumers.

The GMaP identifies three areas of focus for the industry in 2020:

Gas Quality



The report explains how the industry will collaborate to explore these topics and identify what it could mean for the future gas market frameworks.

This publication has been produced with support from a broad range of stakeholders with local to international perspectives over the course of 2018 – 2019.  National Grid Gas has been collaborating with industry, decision makers and stakeholders to develop the Gas Market Plan, including hosting a workshop, our first Future of Gas Forum, and launching our Future of Gas Steering Group.

We are keen to hear your views on the publication itself and how to develop the Gas Markets Plan process in the future.

You can submit comments and suggestions to: [email protected] or via the Contact link found at the top right of the Future of Gas website.

In addition to this we will be hosting our next Future of Gas Forum on the 24th February at the Macdonald Burlington hotel in  Birmingham.

This provides another opportunity to provide feedback on the document and processes, engage with key stakeholders across the industry, and hear further thoughts and discussions on our three focus areas for 2020.

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